General Sales Terms and Conditions

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General Sales Terms and Conditions


1.1. Us ?
Katerman is a LLC company whose business activity is the sale of Katerman products and services via the internet, designed for private individuals, dealers and recruiting agents.The Company Katerman is the exclusive owner, has set up and works the www.katerman.com website. The «katerman.com» website is presented in English

In particular the following information is shown: :

- The essential features of the Katerman products and services offered as well as its price in dollars, euros or other currencies;;
- The amount of carriage charges when applicable;
- Details of how to exercise your right to cancel;
- How long Katerman products and services are valid for. ;

1.2. You ?
You will be a user who surfs, takes note of, reserves, orders and buys our Katerman products and services offered on the Katerman website.We undertake to do everything in our power to give satisfaction in order to build a longstanding relationship of confidence.Our Customer Service is at your entire disposal and takes all your comments seriously. When you order, you accept full legal powers, in use in your country, to make commitments under the terms of the general sales conditions contained herein.

What do the G.S.T.C (General Sales Terms and Conditions) specify?All orders for Katerman products and services placed on our website will be subject to the present general sales terms and conditions. Their aim is to specify the sales system and the rights and obligations that come with this. We advise you that your agreement does not require a hand-written signature.We pay constant attention to regularly updating the text of our general sales terms and conditions.

Ordering on line: Tracing a sale that has been made?Unless proved to the contrary, our computer files, kept under reasonable conditions of security, will be proof of communications, orders and payments made.We then store orders and payments carried out in a safe, reliable place that can be produced as legal proof if required.


2.1. Information to be provided ?
You should check the complete and correct status of the information you provide when registering on our website, particularly the delivery address of our Katerman products and services.Katerman cannot be held responsible for possible typing errors and consequences resulting from them (for example delays in delivery or delivery errors).

2.2. Order time limit ?
All orders mean accepting our prices. All Katerman website customers with Katerman products and services must follow the registration procedure enabling them to activate their Katerman products and services.Giving on line the bankcard number and final entry of the order is proof of the said completed order in accordance with the provisions of the trade laws in force and justify the payability of sums involved in the sale.This entry provides signature and express acceptance of all operations effected on our website.


Prices are shown less tax. You should take into account the tax to be added, as applicable in the country to which the Katerman products and services are sent, and as on the date of order. Any economic changes on the world markets could affect the price shown for the products and services. Prices cannot be changed once the customer?s order has been placed. In the same way, if one or more taxes or local taxes have just been created or modified, up or down, this change could affect the sales price of the Katerman products and services. Prices of products and services ordered on our website and the date of the order in question provide the necessary proof.To pay for your order, you have all the following methods of payment when confirming your purchase:
Carte Bleue , VISA, MASTER CARD.


No cash payment will be accepted.An order paid for by Carte Bleue, VISA, MASTER CARD or Paypal will be debited at the time of entering your order.


- By confirming the order form, you guarantee to us that you have the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment you have selected.We certify to you that the credit card details are encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) and never appear in clear on the internet. Payment is made directly by the Bank.
- Payment is required in full with order. Sums cashed cannot be considered as deposits. The order will be considered as complete when all the Katerman products and services have been despatched and you have been debited for the full amount of the products and services ordered.
- Katerman reserves the right to refuse to carry out a delivery or to honor an order where you have not paid in full, or in part, for a previous order or where there is litigation over a payment.Katerman remains the owner of the products and services for sale until full payment has been made of sums due for your order (including costs and taxes).

However, from the date of receipt of the products and services, liability of ownership reverts to you. You should therefore ensure the safekeeping of the Katerman products and services.


Times for processing your order depend on the date of your order and on the confirmation of your payment by our bank. To this should be added postal delivery times, depending on the country.

We reserve the right to make partial deliveries. We will not be held responsible if we run out of stock or if our products and services are not available.Note that all orders paid for by bank transfer will only be processed on receipt of this means of payment. Availability times, like despatches, must be recalculated from the date of receipt of this means of payment. In case of delayed delivery by the Post in the working month following the date of the e-mail order, we suggest checking with your post office if the mail is still in transit and then if this is the case, we invite you notify us of this delay by contacting our Customer Service by e-mail.We will open an investigation with the transporters concerned in order to find out exactly where the mail is.

If the mail is found, it will be forwarded to your home as soon as possible. If not, and after getting a certificate of loss declared by the transporters, we will send these cards again.


6.1. If you have your order received by a third party (caretaker of your apartment building, friend, ...) he/she must receive the package in your name and on your behalf.

You should therefore ask him/her to take the same care of it as if it were his/her own.We invite you to check or have your representative check its condition on delivery. If there seems to be a problem (damaged cards, wrong order ...) we invite you to advise us of this within 3 days by e-mail.In any case, these precautions do not present any obstacle to legal guarantees and the exercise of one's right to cancel.

6.2. Problem ?
In the case of a delivery made by the Post, if the package arrives open and/or damaged, you can either accept it or refuse it.

- If you, or your representative, decide to accept the mail with Katerman products and services, you should make sure you make «handwritten reserves» getting the postman to add his signature beside them.

- If you, or your representative, prefer to refuse the mail with Katerman products and services, in addition to the «hand-written reserves» that should be made, you should ask the delivery person for the mail to be returned together with a «damage certificate».

6.3. Delivery error ?
In the case of the delivered product not corresponding to your request, contact our Customer Service by e-mail.You will be asked to describe exactly why the goods are incorrect. You will have 3 days to notify us of any delivery error by e-mail. Beyond this time limit we cannot answer your request.


In the case of exercising the right of cancellation, we will make every effort to reimburse you as soon as possible following receipt of your return. You will then be reimbursed by the system of re-crediting (secure transaction) if payment was made by bank card.


Liability of the Katerman Company will not be in question if the carrying out of the contract is delayed or prevented by circumstances beyond its control, or a fortuitous event, or if the other party or a third party is at fault or outside circumstances such as social conflicts, etc. (see Art.9). With regard to Katerman products and services bought for business needs, Katerman is in no way liable for any indirect damages because of the terms contained herein (Art.9.) loss of profit, damages for costs that might arise.


Katerman declines all liability for any prejudice that its customers might suffer following circumstances beyond its control.Neither is Katerman liable for any prejudice that might result for its Customers from decisions made by authorities of the country in which the customer resides.Katerman cannot be held responsible for mistakes, delays or any kind of prejudice arising from disruption to its services following events beyond its control, including staff striking, armed attacks, terrorism, natural disasters, fires, mistakes or delays of other organizations or other third parties, breakdown of telephone or electronic communications.


Katerman reserves the right to collect data about you. You can expressly object to your details being divulged when ordering Katerman products and services. In accordance with international laws in force, you have the right of access to and correction of data that concern you.


All visual elements on the website www.katerman.com, including underlying technology, are protected by copyright, brand names and patents.They are the exclusive property of Katerman LLC. If you have a personal website and for personal use, you would like to put a link on your website direct to ours, you are required to request prior authorisation from us.In any case, any unauthorised links must be withdrawn by simple request from us.


The parties elect domicile at the addresses shown on the order form for the customer and the address of the head office for Katerman.

These terms and conditions are subject to international trading laws in force in each country.


13.1. Katerman can, at any time and without having to justify its decision, decide to no longer offer certain services. Katerman will advise the customer(s) in due course in the way it judges to be the most appropriate.

13.2. Except for an agreement to the contrary, Katerman can, at any time and without having to justify its decision, terminate a relationship it has with a Customer.Except for an agreement to the contrary, the Customer can also, at any time and without having to justify his/her decision, terminate a relationship he/she has with Katerman.


Katerman can keep its archives in the way it deems fit.


Without prejudicing the provisions of a particular rule, Katerman reserves the right to change this Rule at any time. This change is notified to the Customer in writing, either in the form of a hard copy sent to the Customer, or by e-mail.Katerman will notify this change as soon as possible. During this period, the Customer can, without cost, terminate his relationship with the Bank in the way described in article 14 of these Rules; if not, the Customer is assumed to have accepted the change.


In order to ensure secure transactions and to respond to the concerns of most people of preventing fraud in connection with the sale of our products and services, we carry out random checks on orders placed.Otherwise, if the information requested does not allow us to be sure of the identity of the person placing the order and the correct domiciliation, we would be under an obligation to cancel the order to guarantee the security of transactions on line.


Any dispute between Katerman and the Customer can only go before the courts in the jurisdiction where Katerman has its head office, or that where the Customer is domiciled.


Katerman has set up a world-wide a policy regarding a conflict of interests. It is applying this policy from now on. The advantages help to improve the quality of service offered and do not in any way affect the obligations of Katerman to act in the best interest of its Customers.


19.1. The Katerman website is provided for your convenience and for your information.The objective of Katerman is not to manage your affairs but to help you grow and give you a service in obtaining the best results in the use of this new revolutionary concept of Katerman products and services usage. This information is given as shown without any guarantee whatsoever, whether stated or tacit, including the non-bending of a third party?s rights.Although Katerman supplies correct and current information, we do not accept any responsibility connected to this information.

Although Katerman supplies correct and current information, we do not accept any responsibility connected to this information.

19.2. Katerman disclaims any responsablility if a seller does not take into account the legislation in force in his country.

19.3. Katerman reserves the right to modify or cancel any service or product contained therein without notice.Katerman cannot be held responsible in any case for special damages, indirect or resulting, including, without limitations, loss of profits or damages resulting from the use or dependence on information supplied on this website.Katerman can post declarations made by a third party on its website.

We can, but without any obligation, check these third party declarations for accuracy, legality, adherence or other things of this nature, and we make no representation on this matter.

Katerman does not accept any responsibility in connection with these third party declarations.